After our super relaxed first two days things went a little bit hectic and I've now fully entered the panto bubble which means that I have no idea what day it is anymore.  I'm fairly sure that today is Sunday and we have a day off, but I await a phone call from our Company Manager, Abi, asking where I am!

Between Wednesday and Saturday we managed to fit a ton of stuff in: dance rehearsals (with and without the amazing Seniors, Inters and Juves!), run throughs, two promo events and even seeing the opening night of Sleeping Beauty in Sevenoaks!

Now I'm awake nice and early because I'm having a new washing machine fitted.  Which is really dull and disappointing compared to the rest of the week!

Dance rehearsals are always fun, but they can get a little fraught and stressed.  We didn't escape that this week; but I think the end result will be worth it.  The music we have in the show is fab and the voices are incredible and now we have dances that complement them!

Personally, nothing will ever beat the Blues Brothers medley that we closed act one of last year's Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood with; but I'm biased: I am a MASSIVE Blues Brothers fan!  That said: we are pretty high on the fun stakes this year and we do sing a S Club 7 song which - short of having Tina, Jon, Bradley, Hannah, Paul, Jo and Rachel in the show - makes me immeasurably happy!

This was a busy week for our producers with Sevenoaks opening and both us and Dunstable in rehearsal; so we were joined by the legend that is Leslie Grantham (AKA Dirty Den AKA EastEnders' royalty!) who is our Associate Director.

Leslie and I have worked together a few times before.  He was the Demon King when I played Mother Goose in Sevenoaks and we toured together in a spoof murder mystery called Soap Opera, which coincidentally started in Gravesend!  So it was lovely to see him! I've never been directed by Leslie before; but it was a joy! Yes: he is sarcastic and rude, but he's also great fun to be around and is considerably encouraging.  His eye for detail is incredible and I think he's turning this show into something really special.

With Leslie in the room it has been really nice to watch people grow in confidence: none more so than Jaz, who is playing the King and doing his very first panto.  His voice is like nothing you have ever heard and gradually over the week he has been creating a performance that matches it!  It is going to be so much fun sharing a stage with him!

Aside from seeing us in Gravesend can I also suggest that you head to Sevenoaks on the double!  It was my second Sleeping Beauty in under week and could not have been more different to Hackney's BUT I had just as much fun.  Ricky Norwood (another EastEnders alumni and previous baddy of mine!) played Chester the Jester and brought it!  He was so funny!  There's a scene where he's dressed in a baby grow - I won't give anything away - but I DID NOT want it to end!  And Jasette Amos who has played the fairy a ton of times with me was a stunning baddy!  You really should got...

Well, Abi's still not called!  So I'm going to enjoy the rest of my day off!  Ciao!